Liteforex provides the platform for wise money investment and management. The Forex investment whether by means of spots, futures or options is hugely different from the mechanism of the equities market. The foreign exchange market is an international financial market that trades in eight major world currencies. Investment firms, hedge funds, banks, retail Forex brokers and retail investors are the primary currency market participants. Forex Trading and Investment is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing markets in the world and from 2007 to 2010, Forex market activity expanded by 20%.

Lite Forex
Forex trading is executed by buying and selling a currency pair where a trader would be buying and selling the two currencies in the chosen currency pair simultaneously, because in essence the trader is utilizing the proceeds from the currency sold to purchase the currency that is being purchased. Forex trading is typically implementedwhen a trader chooses a currency pair, which he expects, is going to change in value. The currency pair chosen does not have any influence on the transactions initiated. In the currency market, only eight major economies are listed and investors can place trades in the respective currencies of the eight nations. The rationale for dealing in two listed currencies in pairs is that each currency is valued with respect to another. Interest rates play a crucial role in currency markets. The Forex market extends a great leverage – almost 100:1, which is an advantage to be exercised with caution.

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